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Friday, August 04, 2006

Been fighting my computer today-

Somehow, my Outlook Express went Tango Uniform on me this week and will not connect to the Comcast email servers. It still works just fine for the newgroups I read but nada for mail. I'm still keeping up with my mail through the internet connection, but its a pain.

I started by talking to the Comcast tech support. They ran me through the settings and claims everything is fine with their part of the deal. Then I went to work with Symantec, after digging through some Microsoft support pages. I tried all the things the online support suggested this morning, without success. One of the final tips to try was to remove and then reinstall my Norton Internet Security package.

Which I've done tonight. Two hours later, after multiple updates and a full virus scan, I'm still busted for Outlook Express.


Next, I'm calling Comcast's tech support again!

And Carol, Sunday looks good. Let's try the same plan as last time. I'll call you Saturday to confirm.

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